With the UCU on strike, Frank and David talk about casualisation in higher ed and how precariousness became an increasingly serious issue over the pas...View Details

Last weekend, President Trump made an unscheduled visit to the hospital, prompting some to speculate on the state of his health. Frank and David talk ...View Details

As impeachment hearings enter a new phase, Democrats are increasingly using the language of bribery to describe President Trump's actions with respect...View Details

We're a year away from the 2020 Presidential Election, but it seems like this race has already lasted forever. Frank and David talk about why American...View Details

Frank and David discuss Trump's use of historical metaphor, including: the 1692-1693 Salem witch trials and how they took on new meaning during the Se...View Details

Frank and David talk with Tyson Reeder (University of Virginia) about his new book, Smugglers, Pirates, and Patriots: Free Trade in Age of Revolution,...View Details

Frank and David try to tackle the fast-moving story on Trump and Ukraine, discussing whistle-blowers and foreign intervention in American history. Las...View Details

Frank and David are joined by special guest Alexi Garrett, a doctoral student at UVA, who just presented some of her work at Edinburgh's American Hist...View Details

With thousands of people marching to demand action on climate change in Edinburgh and around the world, Frank and David discuss the history of environ...View Details

After some recently reported deaths, President Trump has authorized a ban on certain flavored e-cigarettes. Frank and David talk about the history of ...View Details

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