With thousands of people marching to demand action on climate change in Edinburgh and around the world, Frank and David discuss the history of environ...View Details

After some recently reported deaths, President Trump has authorized a ban on certain flavored e-cigarettes. Frank and David talk about the history of ...View Details

A couple of weeks ago, seemly out of nowhere, President Trump offered to buy Greenland from Denmark. Frank and David discuss the history of territoria...View Details

This week, Frank and David are joined by their colleague Dr. Felix Boecking, author of No Great Wall: Trade, Tariffs and Nationalism in Republican Chi...View Details

Against the odds, Frank and David made it to 100 episodes. They reflect on the past 100 episodes, the show's future, and take listener questions. Last...View Details

Building on a discussion at SHEAR and on Twitter (h/t Serena Zabin) and a recent Amicus podcast, Frank and David discuss whether the Constitution has...View Details

Live from SHEAR, Frank and David talk with Dr. Shira Lurie about Liberty Poles, Canada, and being a public facing historian. A recent UVA PhD, Dr. Lu...View Details

In our periodic sports themed episode, Frank and David discuss the recent Red Sox-Yankee games in London and the US victory in the World Cup. Last Dro...View Details

Joined by Holocaust expert Dr. Tereza Valney, Frank and David discuss whether it's proper to call US immigration detention facilities "concentration c...View Details

Live from the Teviot Lecture Theatre, Frank and David (mostly Frank) answer questions from a room full of teachers who have been studying this week wi...View Details

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