Frank and David discuss the history of the filibuster, including why you should never drink eggnog in June.  Last Drops Frank: David Blight, Fog of Hi...View Details

(Apologies for the construction noise in the background during the second half of the episode.) Now that a majority of Americans have been vaccinated,...View Details

In more than 20 states, Republican AGs and legislators have taken steps to prohibit "Critical Race Theory". Frank and David discuss what CRT actually ...View Details

As Americans increasingly embrace vegan/vegetarian diets, meat has become the next frontier in the ongoing culture war. Frank and David discuss meat i...View Details

President Biden has announced that the US will be removing its remaining combat troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. Frank and David look ba...View Details

The House recently passed a measure to give Washington, D.C. statehood. Frank and David discuss the idea and the peculiar place the city has in the fe...View Details

The recently announced GOP America First Caucus says it's intent on defending "Anglo-Saxon political traditions." Frank and David discuss the use of "...View Details

President Biden has proposed a massive 2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that promises the most significant investment since FDR's New Deal and Ei...View Details

The past year has witnessed a dramatic upsurge in violence targeting Asian Americans. Frank and David talk about its history to put the current moment...View Details

News broke this week of a clandestine meeting between President Biden and a number of prominent historians. Frank and David discuss the meeting and ho...View Details

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