Frank and David talk about the role of third parties in presidential elections. Last Drops Frank: Ben Franklin's World David: live show with History S...View Details

Inspired by a devoted listener, Frank and David talk about depictions of American history in pop culture, including television, movies, novels, theate...View Details

Earlier this week, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) proclaimed that the United States was a "republic, not a democracy," which has become something a mantra am...View Details

Frank and David discuss the first debate and President Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis. Last Drops Frank: Frederick Douglass mural on Lower Gilmore Place D...View Details

Frank and David discuss the life and career of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and what the upcoming political fight for her seat could look...View Details

In recent weeks, President Trump has claimed that the suburbs would wither under a Biden administration. Frank and David talk about the history of the...View Details

Frank and David are joined by Bronwen Everill to talk about her new book Not Made By Slaves: Ethical Capitalism in the Age of Abolition. They discuss ...View Details

Inspired by a recent Joanne Freemen article in the Atlantic, Frank and David take a step back to look at the panoply of political and cultural crises ...View Details

With the imminent announcement of Joe Biden's choice of running mate, Frank and David talk about the history of VP selection, including thoughts about...View Details

Summer in an election year usually means it's time for party nominating conventions, but COVID-19 has caused both the DNC and RNC to delay and modify ...View Details

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