With the looming crisis in Ukraine, Frank and David revisit the topic of US-Russian relations, focusing on the period before the Cold War. Last Drops ...View Details

Frank and David discuss forgeries in American history. Ben Park on Mark Hofmann Last Drops Frank: RIP Dr. Jennifer Steenshorn David: WaPost project on...View Details

Recent polls by NPR, ABC, and others suggest that many Americans think that democracy in the United States is in danger. Frank and David discuss. Last...View Details

On New Year's Day, Frank and David look back at 2021, assessing its historical significance. (Episode inspired in part by this Politico article).  Las...View Details

For the first time in four decades, inflation is in the headlines. Frank and David discuss the history of inflation in the United States and whether i...View Details

Thanks to listener Ian for suggesting this topic! With recent debates over masking and the 1619 Project have shown, America's schools are at the heart...View Details

Frank and David discuss recent court cases that raise questions about self-defense, vigilante justice, and taking the law into your own hands. Last Dr...View Details

Frank and David discuss the history of academic freedom at American universities. 

Last Drops David: The Harder They Fall on Netflix Frank: Intertwin...View Details

On Tuesday, a handful of states held off-off year elections, providing Frank and David with an opportunity to do a health check on the American democr...View Details

With massive supply chain disruptions over the past few years, Frank and David discuss how supply chains have shaped US history and how they have evol...View Details

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