RIP Gary B. Nash

Joined by Miles Stanley, Frank and David discuss the life and career of historian Gary B. Nash. Last Drops Frank:  Congrats to Karin Wulf for her appo...View Details

The House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection started its work earlier this week.  Frank and David discuss similar Congressional invest...View Details

With record setting high temperatures in the United States (and elsewhere), Frank and David discuss how Americans have coped with the summer heat. Las...View Details

The United States military recently and unceremoniously withdrew from Bagram Air Base last week, signally the beginning of the end of the nearly 20 ye...View Details

Yesterday C-SPAN released its latest rankings of US Presidents. Frank and David look at the history of presidential rankings, critique C-SPAN's list, ...View Details

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has taken preliminary steps to prohibit Catholic politicians who support abortion rights (including President Bi...View Details

With the imminent release of a government report on UFOs, Frank and David discuss the history of UFOs, including the Kentucky Meat Shower.  Last Drops...View Details

Frank and David discuss the history of the filibuster, including why you should never drink eggnog in June.  Last Drops Frank: David Blight, Fog of Hi...View Details

(Apologies for the construction noise in the background during the second half of the episode.) Now that a majority of Americans have been vaccinated,...View Details

In more than 20 states, Republican AGs and legislators have taken steps to prohibit "Critical Race Theory". Frank and David discuss what CRT actually ...View Details

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