Frank and David discuss the "Great Replacement", a white supremacist conspiracy that has become common-place on right-wing media and has motivated vio...View Details

Frank and David discuss the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion rights. Last Drops Frank:  upcoming Fennell Lecture David: Audubon exhibit ...View Details

Frank and David discuss the fight between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Disneyworld, examining its connections to homophobic legislation, gerrymanderi...View Details

Frank interviews David about his new book, Scars on the Land: An Environmental History of Slavery in the American South. Available at Oxford Universit...View Details

Inspired by a Time magazine article, Frank and David discuss the upcoming 250th anniversary of the American Revolution. Last Drops Frank:  Washington ...View Details

The Senate recently passed the Sunshine Protection Act, a measure that would move the US to permanent Daylight Savings Time. Frank and David discuss A...View Details

Since the start of the Russian invasion two weeks ago, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has become the face of the Ukrainian resistance, admired in the U...View Details

The United States (along with many other nations) has imposed severe economic sanctions on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. Frank and Da...View Details

Frank and David discuss the history of open letters, including those from Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Bill Gates. Last Drops Frank: Ruthe...View Details

Frank and David discuss fads in American history, including bloomers, dance marathons, and streaking. Last Drops Frank: Rory Stewart article in Foreig...View Details

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