Recent polling suggests that a growing number of Americans are in favor of disunion. Frank and David discuss secession movements and what they mean. L...View Details

Frank and David discuss the history of naturalization and citizenship tests. Last Drops Frank: Marsh Family Singers David: SASA week and Amend on Netf...View Details

Frank and David discuss how Trump's second impeachment trial differed from his first trial. Last Drops Frank: update on Alaska beads, RIP Friendly's f...View Details

One month after the assault upon the Capitol, Frank and David try to make sense of Q-Anon. Is it a conspiracy theory? A cult? Something else? Last Dro...View Details

Last week, the Baseball Hall of Fame announced that no new members would be joining this year. Frank and David talk about the history of the Hall of F...View Details

Frank and David reflect on President Biden's inauguration. Last Drops Frank: redecorating the Oval Office David: Jen Ellis, knitter of Bernie's mitten...View Details

On the morning after Trump's second impeachment, Frank and David discuss the history of domestic terrorism and how recent events fit into that history...View Details

Frank and David reflect on the recent invasion of the Capitol by Trump supporters. Last Drops Frank: Fennell forum David: death of last Civil War wido...View Details

Some Congressional Republicans have promised to object to the upcoming counting of Electoral College ballots, demanding a special commission to invest...View Details

As we near the end of the Trump presidency, Frank and David discuss whether the problems of the last four years reveal some deeper problems with Ameri...View Details

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